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Research & Leadership Scholars

The Undergraduate Research & Leaderships Scholarship  (UGRLS) scheme gives our exceptional first year students an opportunity to transform their degree and their future as a Leeds graduate.

Since 2009 Undergraduate Research & Leadership scholarships have been awarded to first-year students to undertake a supervised degree-related research project. Projects involve collaboration with various educational and cultural partners of the University of Leeds. All projects have been designed to offer academic challenges and the chance to work independently and creatively. Your chosen research project could involve art exhibitions, museums, theatre, performance, archive work, writing, music, communications, film or other media of your choice.

Successful applicants receive a Scholarship of up to £6,000 and are appointed ‘student ambassadors’ for their Faculty and School.

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship & Leadership scheme (UGRLS) is funded through the Alumni Annual Fund, supported by donations from former students and friends of the University of Leeds.

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