Student Led Change


Student-Led Change  is an exciting new initiative to improve the student experience for Undergraduates in the Faculty of Arts.

There are often quite simple solutions to issues which bother students – and all it might take is a bit  of imagination and some funding to resolve!

We will have four “Teams” of five UG students who will look at “issues” effecting their fellow students. To get a sense of what’s bothering our students, our teams will be asked to look at  feedback forms, NSS surveys, programme surveys and also Schools’ responses to the NSS.

Once issues have been identified, Teams will then propose projects to resolve these problems. Teams will be able to share good practice (and concerns) from your respective Schools. What might work well in German may work in English! So if you have an academic issue which gets your goat, or you want to cheer on some brilliant teaching, please get onto our Facebook page:

Now the exciting bit… each Team will get a  budget of up to £1000 to carry out their projects.

In the spirit of this being a Student-Led project, Julia Bowler, the School rep for European Languages, has kindly agreed to lead this project.



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