Philosophy in Schools with Students




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‘Philosophy in Schools with Students’

Conference for Philosophers and Educators

University of Leeds

30th July 2015


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Conference Rationale

Philosophy is not part of the core curriculum of UK education, despite the intellectual, social and emotional benefits associated with talking and thinking together. Nevertheless, thousands of children and young people in nurseries, primary and secondary schools, and FE colleges, engage regularly in philosophical enquiry as a way to identify and address issues that matter to them, from friendship to fallacies. This is made possible due to the work of educators, philosophers, and charities such as SAPERE, The Philosophy Foundation, Blooming Minds, and Thinking Space, as well as institutions such as the University of Leeds.

In recent years philosophy students and students of education have begun to develop this work. Since 2013 philosophy undergraduate students at the University of Leeds have had the opportunity to observe, plan, and lead philosophical learning in primary schools as part of their degree. This programme, Leeds Philosophy Exchange, now has a sister project, Bristol Philosophy Exchange, with plans for an Oxford Philosophy Exchange in the pipeline. These all involve students and teachers working together to develop a better understanding of philosophy with children. Each programme has given participants rich insights into philosophising with children, ideas and methods in education, and into the discipline of philosophy itself.

This one-day conference is designed to bring together undergraduate and postgraduate students, trainees, teachers, tutors, lecturers, and anyone else with an interest in education and philosophy. It is an opportunity to collect and share insights into philosophical enquiry with children for university students, whose experiences of philosophising in schools are just the beginning, as well as researchers and experts in the field. Registration for the conference is free of charge, and lunch, teas and coffees will be provided. 


We wish to acknowledge the generous financial support the School of PRHS and Leeds Arts Educations Engagement has given the conference, without which the event would not be possible.

Conference organisers

Grace Robinson, Teaching Fellow, School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science, Leeds

Elizabeth Watkins, MA Student, School of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science, Leeds

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