Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

History of Education


This collection was inherited by our museum from the Museum of the History of Education that previously existed at the University of Leeds. A large proportion of the Museum’s collection consisted of school textbooks and pupil’s exercise books, along with administrative documents such as school registers, examination papers, teachers’ certificates and student reports.

However, the Museum also collected scientific teaching apparatus from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. School collections have been poorly preserved in English museums, and so these artefacts provide historians of science with a rare and valuable insight into the way scientific knowledge was communicated to schoolchildren of the past.

Significant features of this collection include:

–          A number of magic lanterns along with related slides and apparatus

–          A nineteenth century object lesson box

–          An early twentieth century biblical herbarium

–          A Betts’s Portable Terrestrial Globe (c.1865)

–          A large collection of nineteenth century tangent and astatic galvanometers.

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