Museum of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Objects 10: Newlyn-Phillips Machine

What: Public Lecture, part of History & Philosophy of Science in 20 Objects

When: Tuesday 13th December, 6:15 – 7:15pm

Where: Western Lecture Theatre, Business School

Newlyn-Phillips MachineJoin Professor Greg Radick and Dr Mike Finn for “The Newlyn-Phillips Machine, or, How Money (with Help from Models and Maths) Makes the World Go Around”. Developed by  Bill Phillips, a student at the London School of Economics, and his friend Walter Newlyn, a lecturer at the University of Leeds, the Newlyn-Phillip Machine or, Mark I model of the Monetary National Income Automatic Computer (MONIAC) is a hydraulic computer which uses water to represent the flow of money through an economy.

We live in world where computer-based models of economic life seem increasingly not just to represent that life but to run it. How did this come to pass? And what general lessons can be drawn about the role of models in the sciences, natural and social?

With the Leeds Newlyn-Phillips machine — the world’s first economics computer — as a pivot, this lecture will explore some of the curious ties binding money, maths and models in the ‘dismal science’ and beyond.

Join us for the Christmas lecture as we bring to an end the first year of our series.

This lecture is open to all and assumes no prior knowledge. Tea and Coffee will be served from 6pm.


Lecture Video:

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