Legacies of War

Dr Kate Vigurs

Dr Kate Vigurs

Project officer, Post-doctoral research fellow and BBC/AHRC researcher

School of Modern languages and Cultures

Contact details: e.k.vigurs@leeds.ac.uk

Legacies of War project involvement: As post-doctoral researcher for Discovering Leeds First World War heritage I work alongside six community groups, delivering training and assisting with research projects.  I am also supporting ‘Leeds Stories of the Great War’ which has increased my knowledge of Yorkshire war experience and archives.

Research interests
Munitions, women’s roles including war-work, Nursing, Pioneering reconstructive surgery, Women’s remount section and training of horses for use  at the front, Women’s peace movement,  Home-front and civilian experience in the North, Bombardment of the East coast in 1914, Women and sport during the First World War and women in intelligence and espionage.

I am also interested in the study of film, theatre and literature as vectors of memory and as methods of conveying and portraying the past, how this influences public perception and collective memory.

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