Innovative Language Teaching and Learning at University: Enhancing student performance


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Lecture Theatre

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Welcome and Introduction (Lecture Theatre)


 Dr. Emma Marsden, Senior Lecturer at The University of York:  How do learners perceive and process the input? Making grammar matter more.


Learning to learn in HE: an e-learning portfolio approach. Innovative technology and its benefits on oral skills. Innovation in language learning through collaborative digital-tasks and “Internet-based Project work”.


Can the use of e-submission, e-marking and e-feedback improve the teaching and learning experience? Do not write a business plan…blog it! “Upskilling” the curriculum: Enhancing students’ learning and employability in the oral language classroom.


Coffee break


Enhancing student performance using Sample Marking workshops: Engage your students in the assessing process. Enhancing Student Motivation: An In-course Assessment Using Home Student to Erasmus Student  Interviews. Language Learning Advisor Scheme: Enabling students to take charge.


Language students’ perceptions of audio/video feedback. Blended face-to-face Tandem learning with the traditional course in ab initio language degrees. Engaging pre-arrival students through innovative technology.




Teaching Grammar goes MAD. Developing oral skills outside the classroom: Voice Boards and Virtual Worlds. Something to talk about: Integrating content and language in UK undergraduate education.


A case study of Japanese language learning in multicultural learning environment. This is where I study! A video project with German-language students. The challenges of teaching an interdisciplinary specialist language module to History of Art students.


Coffee break


Using Moodle quizzes to assess our students’ reading and listening comprehension skills Connectivism in the language class. How does the e-portfolio for language learning enhance employability skills?


Enhancing Language Learning around the digital tabletop: Do actions speak louder than words? The flipped classroom: sharing experience.


Dr. Marina Orsini-Jones, Associate Head of Department, The University of Coventry:   Closing Key Note:  Student engagement for global citizenship in a digital world.

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