Leeds City Council Graduate Scheme

Leeds City Council is the biggest employer in Leeds. It is also the second largest local government in the country, with a rich variety of roles available. Leeds City Council has the vision of being the best council in the UK, and we want the best graduates to help us get there. Leeds City Council provides vital services for Leeds citizens, particularly those who are vulnerable or living in poverty, as well as developing and protecting its internal staff.

The recent challenges in local government with regards to budget have meant that Leeds City Council has to deliver a better service to its citizens with fewer resources. Therefore, we require new people in order to bring fresh perspectives to what we do and how we do it.

Leeds City Council Graduate Scheme aims to recruit graduates with a passion for the public sector, and help them gain the experience and development in order to become the next managers and leaders of the council. Previous graduate appointments have included roles in; HR, Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, IT and Web Services, Environments and Housing, City Development and more. The Graduate Scheme enables an accelerated development programme whereby you will receive training, mentoring and varied experience across the council. You will get involved in projects- both department specific and council-wide- allowing you to manage and execute innovative, contemporary work makes a difference to Leeds City Council, to the city, and to its citizens.

Do you want to start an exciting career?

Do you want to be a future leader?

Do you want to make a real difference for the citizens of Leeds?

Are you up for a challenge?

If so, register with the Leeds City Council Graduate Scheme- it is personally rewarding.

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