Kate Wafer – Director, Wafer Hadley

Kate Wafer is the Founder and Director of Wafer Hadley, a consultancy firm specialising in the interface between audiences and cultural experiences.

She graduated from Leeds University with an English degree and little idea of what she wanted to do, other than to work, somehow, ‘in the arts’. With a few interesting jobs on her CV (Jillaroo, Magistrate’s Assistant, Sous-Chef) and some volunteering under her belt, she persuaded Leeds City Council to give her a job.

Twenty years, and a number of senior positions later, she is running her own business, with a wide portfolio of services that includes organisational strategy, market research, marketing, evaluation and heritage interpretation. Clients include the likes of York Museums Trust, Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, The Arts Council, NESTA and the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool.

Kate says, ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that a humanities degree isn’t vocational. I use the skills I learned in my degree as the basis for nearly all the work I do now.’

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