Geoff Major, Fundraiser, Involve… a BlueDucks thing

Geoff set up his change consultancy business (www.blueduckscom) over 12 years ago and decided to donate a percentage of profits every year to worthy causes and individuals. After 8 years though he decided that he wanted to do more; to challenge himself as well as raise money for good causes, and so he decided to re-learn how to ride a bike so he could cycle 243 miles across Cuba.

Since then he’s cycled 250 miles across Northern England on a 7-seater circular bike, ski-trekked to the North Pole, has recently returned from a trek across part of the Sahara with 18 friends, and is about to cycle a vintage car around Manchester for 12 hours.

And he says he only just starting.

As well as continuing to work full-time, he has also set up morethanjustgiving.com to involve and excite others into the world of fundraising; fundraising where people also learn about their own amazing capabilities.

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