Chris Grant Peterkin, Visual Art Trader

Studied History of Art at Manchester University and left in 1999 with dreams of changing the art market by resolving the conflict between the freedom of taste as promoted by artistic developments, and the censorship of taste masquerading as exclusivity as promoted by the oligopoly of galleries.

Therefore in 1999 went to work for Will Ramsey at his Fulham gallery who were setting up the first Affordable Art Fair, but left shortly after.  Unfortunately despite all the talk of affordability and approachability the fair was just one big art gallery rebranded.

In 2006 returned to the challenge of changing the art market and started working on the idea of a website for selling art. The internet offers a new, up until now missing, first rung on the art market ladder for art buyers, and for emerging and unrepresented artists.

In 2011 released the first online art directory manifesto EVOLVE FOR ART’S SAKE! exploring the internet’s potential to revolutionise the art market and in 2012 launched the online art directory Visual Art Trader to deliver on this potential.

Last winter toured 32 UK universities presenting the lecture “Reaching New Art Markets Online”. More of the same booked for this winter including appearances at the How To Academy, UAL Creative Enterprise Week 2013 and Leeds Expo 13.

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