Alison Neale, Editor

Editing since the end of the twentieth century, when the average publishing office still felt like something out of the nineteenth. Ah, the long lunches… the typewriters… the grotty Bloomsbury basement. (Cue nostalgia.)

Gone are those days, however, and following nine years of researching, writing and editing encyclopaedias on various subjects, at various levels, took a year’s sabbatical (read: larking about and pretending to study). Went freelance in 2008 and moved North to cheaper and less stressful climes. Now a very busy academic copy editor and proofreader, occasionally getting to use language and research skills too, and thoroughly enjoying not having a boss.

With friends in various areas of publishing and offshoots of editorial work, alongside her own experiences Alison will try to give an overview of the jobs available, how to get in, and where it could all lead.

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