What can I do with an arts degree?

Out There Challenge


Think of a normal 9-5 day.

Scrap that.

Now imagine a 9-5 day that is electric, engaging and extraordinary every step of the way!

The Faculty of Arts presents a series of one-day creative briefs, hot off the drawing board. These briefs have been sculpted and moulded by a team of arts lovers in collaboration with the city’s most dynamic arts organisations.

Students must sign up quickly to join a small, committed challenge team. With just two exclusive briefs up for grabs each semester, spaces will disapear like gold dust. Semester 1 2015 has two challenge days: 31st October and 28th November. We’re pretty much full up for both days now so look out for news about next semester’s incredible briefs.

Those daring enough to face the Out There Challenge will work with a leading Leeds arts organisation to create something truly powerful. The creative briefs are hands-on, community-focused, and temptingly one of a kind. Plus, there will be some pretty unique relationship-building opportunities and the chance to meet fellow arts students as up for a challenge as you are!

We’d also advise keeping half an eye on the breadcrumb trail of clues that we call our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you at outtherechallenge@gmail.com. We won’t be giving out any top-secret info about the briefs, though…

…because, guess what! The real test is that you only receive the brief at 9am on challenge day. Together, your team will be empowered to think and act creatively within a heart-racing window of time.

Let’s just say, we’re looking forward to a lot of happy, inspired faces. But we know what you’re in for, so we would say that! You’d better sign up and find out for yourself…

(You’ll feel pretty smug about it later!)

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