What can I do with an arts degree?

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  • What can I do with an arts degree?

    The answer is almost anything (well apart from the obvious, like brain surgery or rocket science). Students from the Faculty of Arts in the University of Leeds have gone on to glittering careers in a huge variety of sectors from Government Analysts to Zoo Education Officers.

    You know you don’t want a boring office job, so what now? How do you make yourself stand out in this increasingly competitive job market? This website is here to offer you assistance in helping you find your dream job and then getting it!

    Your route to a career in the Arts

    STEP 1: Decide what you want to do

    At the University of Leeds we aim to help you make well-informed choices, based on understanding of yourself, the wide range of opportunities available and the steps you need to take to pursue your choices. If you have not yet decided what you want to do, then, click on the RED links below to help you make some informed choices.

    STEP 2: Plan how you're going to gain the skills and experience you need

    Working with personal tutors, and supported by Leeds for Life, you need to identify the skills you're gaining through your course, and find co-curricular opportunities, such as work placements and internships, to get experience, meet potential employers, and develop knowledge that you need for your chosen career.

    The University and LUU offer a truly spectacular range of opportunities through; Leeds for Life, Spark, the University's unique, graduate business start-up service, and the wide variety of careers fairs are just two such opportunities. Click on the AMBER links below to start your planning.

    STEP 3) Compete for the career you want

    The University of Leeds offers one-to-one support, together with general courses and events on completing applications, CV and interview skills or it can tailor services to your specific needs.

    Whilst it's the Careers Centre that leads on the employability strategy, you'll also receive help and advice from your personal and academic tutors, and our alumni via through networking events, and together they will help to ensure that you leave Leeds with the skills, mindset and experiences that will make you valuable to a wide range of employers and industries. If you feel you are ready to compete, click on some of the GREEN links below.

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