Legacies of War

It was made in 1923 and is entitled 'Christ Driving the Moneychangers from the temple'. It caused controversy at the time and was seen as an attack on Commercialism and a Capitalist Society.
a bas relief carving by Eric Rowton Gill (1882 – 1940), artist, craftsman and social critic -It was made in 1923 and is entitled ‘Christ Driving the Moneychangers from the temple’. It caused controversy at the time and was seen as an attack on Commercialism and a Capitalist Society.
The Legacies of War Centenary project is run by colleagues at the University of Leeds who have research interests in different aspects of the First World War, and is partnered with Gateways to the First World War. The 2014-18 centenary of what was referred to at the time as the ‘Great War’ is a time for reflection and debate about what happened during the war and what its profound and long-term consequences were. Members of the Legacies of War project are participating in and helping to coordinate a series of events and activities that are taking place across Leeds in 2014-18 in theatres, cinemas, museums, galleries and at the University. These events commemorate and explore different histories of the First World War, and examine its multiple historical, cultural and social legacies. There is a exciting and varied programme of events that responds to widespread public interest in this crucial period of our history.

For more information, see the About Us page, or email us at legaciesofwar@leeds.ac.uk

‘Adolphus’, a toy dog given to Major Maurice Le Blanc Smith by a French girl & used as a mascot in his flying missions in France; an abandoned French school exercise book found by a British soldier. Liddle Collection

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  • Launch of First World War Exhibition in Settle
    Life in Craven during the Great War is spotlighted in a new exhibition that has been officially opened at The Folly in Settle. 1916: Chronicles of Courage is the third in a series of exhibitions being staged by the lottery-supported Craven and the First World War project, which aims to develop people's understanding of life in the district during the conflict.

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  • Families and the war: Sheffield primary schools project
    Birley Spa Community Primary School is part of a family of schools involved in an First World War Heritage Lottery Fund project which is seeking to find Sheffield stories of the home front, especially about children and their families.

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  • 4th June, 9.15am5.00pm: First World War Study Day, Sheffield
    This study day, coming on the centenary of Lord Kitchener's death and in the run up to the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, aims to showcase some of the high level research being conducted by historians at Sheffield Hallam University. Expert talks will be offered on Kitchener, on Sheffield during the Great War, on the Battle of the Somme, on rural life in England during the war, and on internment and the treatment of enemy aliens. There will also be a session run by a local representative of the Heritage Lottery Fund on putting bids together for local and community history projects; and several local groups will be invited to set up stalls to provide information about their activities during the breaks. The day will end with a screening of the British documentary film made at the Battle of the Somme, which was first shown to British cinema audiences in August 1916.

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  • 9th June, 5.00pm6.00pm: Legacies of War Seminar Series
    Professor Benjamin Ziemann (University of Sheffield) will speak on, ‘The German Military Strike in 1918’

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